mental health

policies and plans

A Mental Health Policy is an official statement by a government or health authority that provides the overall direction for mental health by defining a vision, values, principles, and objectives and establishing a broad model for action to achieve that vision. The mental health policy is implemented through plans and programs.


I actively participated in accompanying the formulation and operationalization of health and environmental policies in the DRC.


When developing a policy, you need to have a time schedule in mind. It will be realistic to think about one to two years for policy development and five to ten years to implement and achieve changes. For this long term commitment, I will tap on one of my top 5 character strengths: zest, enthusiasm, and energy.

I approach the task ahead with excitement and energy regardless of the hard work it entails.


To maximize the positive effects when mental health policy is being formulated, we will be considering the social and physical environment in which people live. We will be gathering information, data, and evidence for effective strategies for mental health policy development. Tapping on my enthusiasm and zest, I will be entirely involved in the task ahead to achieve the best results.


The process of formulating and implementing a mental health policy is mainly political. When an environment is as challenging as the political one in developing countries, my character strengths of fairness, equity, and justice, can be crucial for guiding the overall goal. I believe I have impartial reasoning, making decisions based on objective criteria, rather than on the basis of bias, prejudice, or preferring the benefit to one person over another, which will help us obtain the political support needed to allow the process success.




An active compromise of the majority of key stakeholders will be required to develop and implement a mental health policy. During all the process, I will ensure the intersectoral collaboration of stakeholders to obtain as well, benefit from education, health, and welfare programs.


I believe my personal character strengths can be as well, applied to the elaboration of mental health plans. These plans can be developed at the state, province, district, municipal, and other local levels within countries to respond to specific local circumstances. We will be with group-based organizations in determining the strategies and timeframes, breaking them down into specific targets and indicators drawn up to later assess whether the plan has been effective or not.


For each strategy and in each area of action, detailed activities must be described. We will be setting what activities will be taking place, who will be the people that will take responsibility for each activity, how long each activity will take when it occurs.  We will also specify the expected outputs of each activity and the potential obstacles and delays that could inhibit the activity's realization.


And last, along all this process, we will be strengthening the policy, planning, and implementation capacity of national counterparts and partners, including government agencies, NGOs, and other civil society (CSOs) or community-based organizations (CBOs) committed to or active in the mental health field.

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