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  • Psychotherapy online

    Perfect solution for anxiety, depression or stress
    • Increases Self-esteem
    • 1 hour online session
    • Construct resilience to bounce back from adversities
    • Helps to self-knowledge and self-regulation
    • Cultivate positive emotions and thoughts
    • Upturn relationships with significant others
  • Biofeedback virtual

    Measures electrophysiological emotional & physical reactions
    • Experience natural, energetic healing techniques
    • Computer-operated non-invasive active therapeutic devise
    • A holistic human life improvement approach
    • 2 hours each session
  • Expatriates Therapy

    Burn-out; cultural shock; affective and adjustment disorders
    • occupational anxiety, home country anxieties, acculturation
    • physical ill-health at the mission or country-based
    • post traumatic stress in first responders
    • depressive mood, lack of familiarity and support
    • Challenges with the local language, culture and customs
    • 1 hour online session

*The exchange rate will be adapted to US dollars and UK pounds 

Sessions are paid in advance

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Sessions are paid in advance
Sessions are paid in advance.  I offer sliding scale pricing when the economic situation is at risk