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Psychology Therapy Session

After the global pandemic COVID19, most of us, feel as if our foundations have been shaken living in this uncertain world. For others, life keeps sending difficult circumstances and problems to solve that leave them helpless or drained. But I think that almost all of us feel that life is becoming more demanding. It is difficult to meet all payments at the end of the month, plus the amount of juggling we have to do to be a good partner, a good son/daughter, a good parent, a good neighbor, a good professional...and without even realizing it ....we live in chronic stress.

As a consequence, many of us are experiencing anxiety, fear, anger, worry, and sadness facing an uncertain future.


Added to this, it is more common to suffer from one to many traumatic events (accidents, assaults, surgeries, betrayals, catastrophes) including a neglected or abused childhood can difficult life today.  


Most of the time we don't know what is happening to us, but we know we are not ok and we wish things to be different.


ONLINE psychotherapy is bringing a great solution to all of us, as is just as effective as face-to-face therapy. I have been working this way for the past years with excellent results. Our chaotic lives don't allow us to lose time on displacements to the psychologist's clinic. It is easy to include it in your daily schedule. 

“I am Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, I have been working for more than two decades in the promotion of mental health. One of my great discoveries was that asking for help is not a sign of weakness, on the contrary, it is what a resilient person does. After that first big step, the journey will begin, a unique process since you are a unique person. The success of the therapy will depend not only on the professionalism of the psychotherapist but also on your involvement in the process. Do not wait any longer, request psychological support to achieve the life you always wanted"

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