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Your Contribution to Mutima

This beautiful and colorful Psychosocial Center is called MUTIMA which stands for "heart" in different African dialects. There are emotional wounds where we don't lose our minds, but our hearts ache very intensely. 

Your generosity together with Mutima Africa can transform many lives of children, women, and men. Lives that one day were broken and that thanks to you will have the necessary support to flourish again through psychological support.

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You Transform Innocent Hearts

War, catastrophes, epidemics, poverty plunge the most innocent hearts into negligence, pain, fear and helplessness. But today you help our psychologists to be better prepared to make the hearts of boys and girls smile again and feel loved and safe.


You Heal Brave Hearts

Even the bravest men suffer. There are situations so horrible that they cannot be counted (rape, kidnappings, torture). Cultural beliefs make men to keep silent in the face of their agony. Your understanding and help are vital so that they can express their pain and heal it together with the professionals of Mutima Africa.


You Rebuild Goddesses Hearts

Violence in all its forms ends up destroying the strength, creativity, and love of wonderful women. Without them, society stagnates. You are the key to getting their heart out of jail and that their power will help regenerate society. You help to make Mutima Africa a temple for these women to become goddesses back to life. 


Your action today will support the broken hearts from the armed attacks at east DRC  

The torture to which the peoples of the Ituri Province and North Kivu are being subjected is devastating. The survivors are paralyzed by terror and don't know how to continue their lives. You can help us train mental health professionals to comfort all these hearts, sending them as psychological intervention units. You can reduce the horror their bodies have seen and felt.


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