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Energy Balance System + Psychotherapy

Quantum Device takes care of the invisible you!

Psychotherapy is an invaluable tool to improve your well-being, but as humans, we are not only physical matter visible by our eyes. We are energy and we are surrounded by energy that affects both physical and emotional health. 


Energy is the motion of particles and particles make matter. We cannot touch or see energy (some people do) but we can sense and feel it and sometimes needs to be addressed in order to heal.


Under these simple principles, quantum physics states that all physical atoms (particles) absorb and release energy in their dynamic role of attempting to stabilize and balance themselves in the various forces that exist around them and in them at all times. If atoms (particles) release energy, then a physical body must be releasing and absorbing energy in the same way as at the atomic level. 

The concept of the existence of a human energy field can be found in Indian Vedic scripts, Tibetan Buddhist, and Chinese medical systems stemming back thousands of years. The more recent attempts to seriously study the human energy field lie with Wilhelm Reich (Reichian Psychology), Alexander Lowen (Bioenergetics), John Pierrakos (Core Energetics), and Barbara Brennan, on the humanistic front. There is a school of Energy Psychology


The Science of Human Energy Fields and quantum technology emerge together through advanced devices that are able to measure healthy or unhealthy frequencies around and in human bodies. 

We work with QUEX s quantum device and the OMNIS software, which is a high-tech Energy Balancing System in a continuous updating process to give the best care and deep self-awareness in measuring your energy fields. 

There are two different ways of measuring your Energy Fields: 

1. In person: measurements will be done by Human Head Harness, wrist, and ankle.

2. In the Virtual space: measurements will be done with a photo of the person. Effectiveness is the same as in person. For you to believe, follow the quantum psychics Schrödinger equation and the superposition principle where quantum objects can also be in multiple places—and take on different states, as in the case of superposition—at once. The person's energy can be here in the picture or there in the world. 

Sessions are done through an internet platform for 2 hours.  During the session, the client expresses his/her concerns about the difficult situation present in his/her life while the QUEXs device will be running different programs to balance the psychical and emotional stress related to the problem.   

The QUEX-s Energetic Balanced System will also give powerful insights to the client that is deep in his/her subconscious bringing to light issues that might be disturbing the client's balance, such as limiting beliefs, unconscious needs, emotional blocks, psychical issues at an energetic level or even inherited patterns from ancestors.  

The QUEX-s Energy Balance System is bringing your spiritual growth through the invisible.

e- Psychology is an accepted way of working on the cognitive, emotional, behavioral, and social levels. Together are the ultimate healing techniques to find your best quality of life. 

Improve your mental and physical health through e-Psychology and QUEX-s Energy Balance System 

La meditación por el mar

What QUEX-s Energy Balance System
+ Psychotherapy can do for you?

Eradicate self-sabotage behaviors

Thanks to psychotherapy, we began to know each other deeply. Many of us are capable of recognizing self-destructive behaviors that sabotage our well-being, such as addictions to sex, tobacco, alcohol, drugs, or even behaviors that make us persona non grata to others.


Quantum technology is able to recognize in the virtual field, the insane frequency that you emit and send you the healthy frequency in which you should vibrate. The treatment will teach your energy field how to balance itself.

Psychotherapy will help you understand what were the causes that led you to develop such behaviors and make the changes you want to be happier.

Work on your Transgenerational trauma

Transgenerational trauma is the theory that trauma can be inherited from our ancestors because there are genetic changes in a person’s DNA.


Epigenetics studies have found that trauma doesn't damage the gene (genetic change) but alters how the gene functions (epigenetic change).

The OMNIS software has incorporated several programs to treat individual and inherited trauma from ancestors and past lives.

Psychotherapy is the way by which we work from the conscious to the consequences that these inheritances have had in our lives and how we can eliminate them so that they do not continue to direct our present.

Change limiting Beliefs

A belief is a conclusion that humans acquire consciously or unconsciously after a life experience with an emotional charge.


These beliefs can be about the world, others, or even ourselves and can be damaging our lives, self-esteem, and relationships.  

Quantum technology can invert not only the negative emotions that these limited beliefs produce in us, but eradicate the limited belief itself.


Psychotherapy is strongly advised to integrate these changes at a conscious cognitive level that helps us in our personal growth.

Flatten your emotions

Our emotions are energy in motion. Each emotion has a certain frequency. The OMNIS software has a memory with 11,000 packages of information on the frequencies of the most common diseases, emotions in all their manifestations, and the natural remedies that exist in the alternative medicine sector (essential oils, chromosomal medicine, homeopathy, crystals, floral, etc.)


Quantum technology will make us reduce the intensity of emotions, balancing towards a state of holistic well-being. Psychotherapy will be the source of conscious knowledge to produce the changes that the person needs to make and not remain anchored in a life that causes discomfort.

Learn what is a Quantum Machine

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