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My Book

"I penned a book to illuminate the profound interconnectedness binding us: family, friends, lovers, animals, planet, cultures, races and,  biology. We are entwined threads of existence, entailing an imperative for empathetic evolution. Our unity beckons, urging pliancy in thought to foster a harmonious realm. Amidst the pages, love blossoms as the adhesive.


This tome isn't merely words, but an invocation for expanded minds and compassionate hearts, scribing a narrative of collective healing. Let these words be seeds, sprouting compassion, equality, and well-being, for in acknowledging our oneness, we author a narrative of shared wellness and universal kinship.

It stands as a response to my daughter's queries, a tribute to our shared journey, and a heartfelt appreciation for family and friends who walked this path alongside me. This work echoes gratitude and reciprocity, immortalizing the mosaic of our experiences and the enduring connections that grace our lives.

By purchasing the book, you become an integral part of my journey and the journey of Congolese chimpanzees and communities.


These remarkable beings,  humans and chimpanzees, deserve to live in peace, yet they first need recognition from all corners of our planet, along with a profound understanding of their challenges. Your support not only empowers them but also enriches your own connection to their world."  - Lorena 

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