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Don't wait any longer to feel better! I fully understand how you feel because I have overcome difficult situations in my life thanks to my therapists and my teachers from the different techniques I use today.


Sometimes it's needed to have a mental health professional to walk you through every step of the way.


Someone who understands how you feel. Someone who understands the symptoms you are experiencing and teaches you how to manage them.


Someone who will teach you some concepts that we have not learned at school, or at the university, or at work, or on the street, and that will change the way you understand your body, your mind, and your spirit.

How to do the booking if you live in Europe

If you live in Europe, the best way is to do it through the "Calendly" Platform. There, you will have the schedules available for the week. Information appears in English, Spanish and French.


It is an easy and simple process that will remind you of the appointments so that you never forget that you have a session with me.


If you have any questions you can contact me on the website form. 

Book e-session

How to do the booking if you live out of Europe

The booking "Calendly" Platform will ask your time zone and will show you the available hours where I can be available for your time. 

If you don't find any available time, please send me an email and we will find when is best for both. 

Book here if you have a 5-sessions voucher

With this 5-sessions voucher, you start a wonderful personal process with 5 e-psychology sessions that will allow you to move toward your ideal life.

Choose the time that suits you best to start your trip and make the bonus payment. Later you will only have to arrange the four sessions on this same page.

Booking a Meeting
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