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Resilience training for staff members

mental health skills at your  workplace


We have created a program to develop the human teams' resilience of private, governmental, and non-governmental organizations, which strengthens both individuals and the organization itself. 

We are focused to work on in developing countries, where mental health services continue to be lacking.

The program is adapted from the "Master Resilience Training" program created by Dr. Karen J. Reivich and Martin E. P. Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania for the American Army. 

The concept of resilient organizations has begun to emerge in recent years. We believe that for an organization to absorb shocks and profound impacts from context without losing the ability to fulfill its mission, it is necessary that its members also embrace the tools that allow them to be resilient.

Why we should develop mental health skills at our workplace?


Executives and other staff members from all types of organizations face several unique challenges when it comes to working stress management. Not only is stress itself a tremendous burden on well-being, but it pays a significant toll on other problems in personal life: physical health, family, and social relationships.


Many highly skilled and talented individuals have to cope with stress, but some found themselves lacking the necessary resources to face it and are afraid to ask for help. They will end up reducing their performance and being emotionally depleted.


Organizations can lose incredible assets for failing to attend to the well-being needs of their staff. Governments, Agencies, NGOs, and enterprises that hold a future-oriented perspective on their strategic plans will find this training a visionary approach to increasing organizations' achievements.


"Organizations that aspire to excellence in performance can embrace our resilience training

and be an activating hub of well-being for their staff"

About the Resilience Training

Our resilience training aims to be the final training for enterprises, agencies, and NGOs in developing countries, that will enhance resilience organizations, providing a set of mental health skills for the personal and professional development of its workers and their teams. 

The course is divided into a journey of self-discovery through 6 fundamental pillars that strengthen resilience, the Resilience Core Competencies: 

  1. Self-knowledge

  2. Self-Regulation

  3. Optimism

  4. Character Strengths 

  5. Mental Agility

  6. Connection

At each stage, individuals and teams will be learning a set of skills that includes exploring their current thoughts, emotions, and behavior patterns, verifying whether they are favorable or unfavorable for their personal and professional performance. Through the teaching of evidence-based skills to improve well-being, they can choose to transform their personal and professional lives into more positive, productive, and meaningful ones. 

The Strong-Balanced Resilience Training for staff in organizations will strengthen their psychological fitness, facilitate stress management in adverse situations, increase workplace efficiency, maximize individual performance, and prevent the onset of mental disorders.

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