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Finding Inspiration in love to heal: "MAMA"

Pablo and I met at a party in Kampala (Uganda). He was filming "The Other Kid." We laugh at the Spanish accent of his speaking English and we talk about heartbreaking stories that are worth telling. At that time "MAMA" was already working with the chimpanzees and living at home with Itsaso and me and his son. Pablo got highly caught up in the story and promised to tell it. It was a PROMISE and he kept it.


He and his team finally came in 2018. There was a recently confiscated baby called "Ushiriki" and a group of thug babies at home, impossible not to love them. The recording was beautiful. We were a great family together with "MAMA", the eco-guards, the film crew, Cesc Nogeras, Fernando Aliaga, and Pablo de la Chica himself. Finally, the story is also yours and you jump into this amazing cause of ours: 

"to create a better world where love heals us and animals and people coexist in peace"


We continue to work, focused on the MUTIMA Psychosocial Center and the Lwiro Primate Sanctuary.

The short film won the GOYA for best non-fiction short film 2022 from the Spanish Film Academy, in recognition of the work of Pablo de la Chica and his team, the importance of protecting chimpanzees in our world, and a call for NON-VIOLENCE against women, because "MAMA" represents all the women in the world who have suffered sexual violence.

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