strong balanced

     communities (SBC)

resilience training for all

Strong Balanced Communities (SBC) is an action-research program adapted from the "Master Resilience Training" program created by Dr. Karen J. Reivich and Martin E. P. Seligman of the University of Pennsylvania for the American Army. The exercises that are included in the SBC training have been adapted for community members (women and men) and the rural lifestyle.

Conflict, displacement, natural disasters and climate crises, disease outbreaks, limited access to education and health, food resources, and drinking water and sanitation have caused devastating situations in the world.

Affected communities are the first to respond when a disaster or stressful situation occurs. They are also the ones that remain to rebuild and recover from their effects. When communities are resilient, they
are better prepared and depend less on outside help.

This program is a complementary and essential activity for any development or humanitarian aid project that promotes communities' well-being.


Governments, Agencies, NGOs, and enterprises that include a future-oriented perspective into their strategic plans will find this training a visionary approach to promote positive social capital.


Likewise, this program is an essential component to reinforce economic resilience and resilience to climate change in the National Parks' communities. The "Conservation and Development Projects" (ICDPs) that prioritize individuals' mental health to maintain their socio-ecological stability are increasing. This is crucial to stop forest crime.


A resilient community is well informed, healthy, and can meet their basic needs. It is socially cohesive, has economic opportunities, has accessible and well-maintained infrastructure and services, can manage its natural assets, and is connected to the public and private organisms. To achieve this ideal situation, it is necessary to work with its members to heal their traumas and strengthen their skills and resilience competencies.


“SBC resilience training for all” facilitates stress management in adverse situations, increases efficiency in the workplace, maximizes individual performance, and has been proven to prevent the onset of mental disorders.

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The “SBC training for all” will assess a study group of chosen members' mental health before and after the instruction. The psychological assessment of individuals will help us to develop appropriate mental health community programs. When mental distress is not adequately treated, people tend to a progressive deterioration in all areas of their lives. They will decrease the effectiveness and personal ability to face daily tasks even at their workplace. If this happens, society fades.


“SBC training for all” will teach the fundamentals of stress and trauma. Participants will learn self-applied trauma relief techniques, so they open pathways to their post-traumatic growth. They will rise from the ashes like the Phoenix.


The “SBC resilience training for all” will teach the participants a set of competencies and skills that build their personal resilience. They will learn self-awareness and self-regulation, energy management and to detect counterproductive thoughts and behaviors. They will also learn how to be more optimistic and be more flexible facing life setbacks, identify their top character strengths in themselves and others. No less important, they will learn skills to improve their relationships with family and other community members.


SBC resilience training is done in groups of 25 individuals. The training consists of 6 modules with a total duration of 83 hours during a total of 10 days.


SBC resilience training can be tailored to the needs of an organization.