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Psychotherapy & Training  
Lorena Aguirre Cadarso

"Healing Journey & 

Personal Transformation"

Life is a journey filled with excitement, joy, and love, yet it can also bring challenging and stressful moments. These can vary from conflicts with close significant others, demanding work periods, or profound losses that touch our hearts. Additionally, there are other traumatic situations like assaults, accidents, childhood neglect, natural disasters, conflict, or various forms of violence that can profoundly affect us.

If you're facing one of these situations or any other life challenges, remember, you don't have to go through it alone. I'm a certified psychologist and psychotherapist dedicated to healing trauma and fostering resilience worldwide.


Seeking support and building resilience is a sign of strength, not weakness!

Training and therapy are remarkable tools to help you rise like a phoenix from the ashes

Ecolo-Femmes Song - For Congolese women

I'm here to provide the support you need along this path!!

my story


My mission since I was a little child has been to protect the vulnerable, be it animals or persons. I always searched for a common place where both can coexist, develop, and live in peace.

My training in social psychology and humanistic psychotherapy has been my framework of knowledge to develop my professional skills in Africa. They fed my passion for biodiversity, conservation, and human well-being.

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After the global pandemic and amidst life's challenges, many of us find ourselves in a constant state of stress and uncertainty. Anxiety, fear, anger, and sadness have become all too familiar. Traumatic events from accidents to neglect in childhood add to our burdens.

                                    But there's hope.... 

Don't wait any longer!  Reach out for psychological support and start building the life you've always wanted: 

Face-to-face sessions in Madrid: Finally, I am available for in-person sessions in Madrid. After my return from the DRC, I'll be staying for an extended period. This means we can finally meet face-to-face!

e-Psychology offers an effective solution, just as powerful as face-to-face therapy, with the added convenience of fitting seamlessly into your daily routine.  I've learned that seeking help is a resilient choice, and your unique journey toward a better life begins with that first step, and having the online solution make it easier than before. 

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All you need to know about e-Psychology


Get a glimpse of how much can cost your well-being


You are ready to start! Book e-Psychology and begin today to feel support and help

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Now you can get to know your e-Psychologist and ask any questions you might have before starting this journey

In-person psychotherapy madrid

Experience the transformative power of in-person therapy in Madrid. Embrace positive life changes with our dedicated support. Your journey to growth begins here.

Resilience Trainings

"Discover in resilience the strength to understand and overcome any adversity and build a tomorrow filled with hope and fortitude" 

With over a decade of experience, I am pleased to introduce myself as a passionate expert in training on modern techniques for trauma treatment and the development of psychological resilience.

My personal brand is centered around fostering resilience in conflictive work or life environments, including humanitarian personnel, law enforcement groups, medical staff, communities in conflict zones, and highly demanding workplaces. 

I offer training services to both humanitarian and business organizations interested in enhancing the productivity, well-being of their personnel.  

My resilience training equips you with the tools to enhance self-awareness and self-esteem, efficiently manage your emotions and bodily responses, cultivate positive social connections, foster a flexible mindset for tackling challenges, problem-solving, and goal-setting, and, most importantly, nurture an optimistic outlook.

The training includes a deep understanding of the psychoneurobiology of stress and trauma, along with techniques for implementing holistic healing routines that address the mind, emotions, and physical body to promote alignment and well-being.

One of my most innovative resilience programs started in 2018 for the brave park rangers who protect our natural spaces in the midst of poaching and the presence of armed groups that illegally control natural resources: Strong Balanced Rangers. This program has proven to be very effective for both team leaders and team members.

Join me on this journey of learning and growth to improve your resilience and the one of your team or community,  Together we will forge a kinder, more equitable, productive, and happier place to live and work.


“Mental health is a state of well-being in which an individual realizes his or her own abilities, can cope with the normal stresses of life, can work productively, and is able to make a contribution to his or her community"

(World Health Organization, 2020)

It is a pleasure to introduce myself, Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, as a specialized consultant in mental health and psychosocial support in international humanitarian and development projects.

In today's interconnected world, addressing mental health and well-being is crucial to achieving sustainable development goals.

Individuals and communities affected by crises, conflicts, epidemics, or challenging circumstances often bear hidden scars that hinder progress.

Humanitarian and international cooperation projects must be sensitive to the individual and collective traumas of the communities they work with, as they impact productivity, social cohesion, and overall progress.

Use my expertise to make a significant difference in your international cooperation and humanitarian aid initiatives.

Let's create a future together!"


"I penned a book to illuminate the profound interconnectedness binding us: family, friends, lovers, animals, planet, cultures, races and,  biology. We are entwined threads of existence, entailing an imperative for empathetic evolution. Our unity beckons, urging pliancy in thought to foster a harmonious realm. Amidst the pages, love blossoms as the adhesive.


This tome isn't merely words, but an invocation for expanded minds and compassionate hearts, scribing a narrative of collective healing. Let these words be seeds, sprouting compassion, equality, and well-being, for in acknowledging our oneness, we author a narrative of shared wellness and universal kinship.

By purchasing the book, you become an integral part of my journey and the journey of Congolese chimpanzees and communities.


These remarkable beings,  humans and chimpanzees, deserve to live in peace, yet they first need recognition from all corners of our planet, along with a profound understanding of their challenges. Your support not only empowers them but also enriches your own connection to their world."  - Lorena 

It stands as a response to my daughter's queries, a tribute to our shared journey, and a heartfelt appreciation for family and friends who walked this path alongside me. This work echoes gratitude and reciprocity, immortalizing the mosaic of our experiences and the enduring connections that grace our lives.

amores animales
My Book

Mutima Africa Project

Why Mutima Psychosocial Center Came to Life?

COOPERA CONGO and Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, have worked with child soldiers, minor victims of sexual violence, women victims of domestic and gender violence, and men devastated for not having been able to save their families during attacks by armed men, for having been kidnapped, for lost their limbs due to machete or bullet wounds ...


The aftermath of war leaves deep and silent suffering, but there is a beauty that emerges from the darkness, people, warm and smiling Congolese people. People who dance to the sound of their voice, and shout peace with hope and pride.


All trauma survivors but especially a woman inspired MUTIMA AFRICA. This woman is MAMA Zawadi, which story was told in the doc short, "MAMA", directed by Pablo de la Chica. She taught us that if you have the right support, your life can shine again. That if you find safety and love, you will recover.


This is why we construct a center where trauma survivors can find safety, professional support, and LOVE.

 MUTIMA AFRICA is a temple for life that gives support to overcome trauma and construct resilience. At Mutima, people learn about trauma and self-application tools to reach their full potential as human beings, at all levels, mental, emotional, physical, social, and spiritual.

Mutima africa project
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To create a more equitable, conscious, and peaceful society, through collaboration with Congolese communities, civil society, and governmental organizations, integrating mental health services in primary care and in the areas with the highest rate of violence, being accessible to all:

children, youth, adults, and the elderly. 


To train mental health professionals in modern psychotherapy and psychiatric treatments, giving a quality support to trauma survivors

while researching on mental health topics and informing the community on mental disorders to avoid stigma and discrimination.


Thanks to the COOPERA EUSKADI and the support of the Basque Government, which believed in the vision and mission of the COOPERA CONGO team, led by Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, it was possible to build the first MUTIMA Psychosocial Center in the South Kivu Province. The Mutima Psychosocial Center is a service of the Pediatric Hospital of Lwiro, managed by the prestigious Center for Research in Natural Sciences (CRSN / Lwiro).

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with Mutima Africa

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Love can heal us

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