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About the Psy-Cabinet 

Lorena Aguirre Cadarso, has launched her psychology cabinet, with a group of psychologists, social workers, and doctors trained in psychiatric treatments, based in the Democratic Republic of Congo. 


We present e-Psychology, an online service with Lorena Aguirre Cadarso for easy access to well-being. The psychology cabinet provides online sessions and face-to-face sessions with other professionals on the team by request at the website form. 

The psychology cabinet has the training and consulting departments, both committed to promote mental health in developing countries. We are ready to do a better world by teaching how to heal trauma, manage stress, and boost resilience.

"Life can be worth enjoying if you have the proper support to solve those situations that aren't allowing you to reach your potential and well-being "

Our Story

After 15 years of transforming pain into hope and well-being for the population of the Democratic Republic of Congo, psychologist Lorena Aguirre Cadarso has decided to professionalize psychological, psychiatric, and psychosocial services through her psychology cabinet, called by her name "Lorena Aguirre Cadarso". Her social work will continue through the MUTIMA AFRICA Psychosocial Center at Lwiro town in South Kivu. 

She and her team conduct online psychotherapy sessions with clients from all over the world. The team is willing to travel throughout the country to offer psychological care to individuals, groups, and the staff of companies and NGOs that hire their services.

The psychology cabinet is specialized in Resilience training for organizations, communities, and eco-guards of the National Parks.

Lorena Aguirre Cadarso consults to implement mental health programs in local communities, train mental health professionals and evaluate mental health services that are operating in any country in the world.

Our commitment to "you" is to solve your distress because we know that when you feel better and will have the life you want, you will radiate well-being and the world will be a better place for everyone.

Our core values are Equality, Integrity, Respect, Peace, Empathy, Harmony and Self-Awareness.

Meet The Team

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